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Thousands of companies trust Safe Supervisor to get crystal clear “what-to-do” and “how-to-do-it” help to create more effective safety programs and reduce workplace incidents, accidents and injuries.

Safe Supervisor membership keeps you up-to-date on the latest safety regulations, best practices, fines, studies and news.  In fact, Canadian federal, provincial and local governments frequently turn to Safe Supervisor to understand their own complex rules and regulations.

Trusted since 1929, Safe Supervisor is the only resource of its kind to provide practical guidance, including model forms and templates, that you can immediately use to make your job easier and help promote a safety culture in your workplace.

Plus, members gain access to the entire Safe Supervisor online archive, giving you practical answers on hundreds of safety topics.


12 Issues of SafeSupervisor
Proven career management tips, ideas and techniques to help you be more successful as a safety professional and practical, “how-to” help to manage your safety program and reduce workplace accidents/incidents
1  Year Access to Online Resources
Searchable online library of safety imagery, clip art, messages, slogans, and fatality/injury examples; and online PDF archive or past SafeSupervisor newsletter issues.
48 New Safety Talks
Proven, engaging safety training materials to help with your regular safety training efforts.
Online Safety Poster Builder
Web-based tool to create custom reminders and reinforce safe work practices – includes thousands of pre-loaded images and messages.
Bonus: 2014 Workplace Violence Kit
Over 45 workplace violence training and education tools, including: model incident investigation policy, workplace violence policy, harassment policy and safety talks.
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Get a Full Refund – no questions asked – at any time during your 12 month membership if you are not fully satisfied.

92% of SafeSupervisor members would recommend SafeSupervisor to a colleague.


It keeps me aware of what is happening across Canada because it overviews different jurisdictions. It is timely, and always has relevant information. I also like the international focus.

Maria Vomiero, Health and Safety Supervisor

We have benefited from using SafeSupervisor because most of the information that we are looking for is right in the magazine. I don't need to search the web in order to find certain information.

Mike Mazar, Safety Co-Ordinator

Always a topic available for safety meetings that is already planned out - the quizzes are helpful. I like having access to applicable articles, safety talks, and the ability to create posters.

Jenny Sheppard, HR Coordinator - Health & Safety

SafeSupervisor has saved me time by having a wealth of resources on one site. I use the articles in my newsletter, use the safety talks for safety meetings and posters for our bulletin board.

Sara Cattanach, Safety Coordinator


We take pride in our approach in crafting  functional and engaging work that delivers results.


Sample topics covered by your Safe Supervisor membership

  •  Ergonomics & Injuries: Taking a Load Off Your Feet Puts a Load of Strain On Your Back
  •  Seasonal Safety: Take These Steps to Prevent Heat Illness
  •  Eye Protection: 10 Emergency Eyewash Practices Your Workers Need to Know
  •  Safety Standards: Exclusive Interview with Doug Nix, Chair of the CSA Z1002 Drafting Sub-Committee
  •  Accident Reduction: How to Enhance Employee Alertness at Work
  •  Chemical Safety: 15 Tips for Training Your Workers on Chemical Safety
  •  Provincial OHS Laws: Ontario Set to Implement Major OHS Reform; Here’s What You Need to Know
  •  Worker Fatigue: How Worker Fatigue is Costing Your Company Money and 14 Steps to Help Reduce Fatigue in Your Workplace
  •  OHS Fines: Refusal to Cooperate with Inspectors Brings Fine
  •  Cellphone Safety: Study Shows Hand-held Devices Literally a Pain to Use
  •  Supervisors in Court: EMT Supervisor and Firefighter Sentenced in Recertification Scam
  •  Workplace Violence: Why You Need Employee Screening for Both New Applicants and Current Employees
  •  Provincial OHS Laws: Alberta Announces Automatic Safety Review Policy
  •  OHS Enforcement: Chief Crown for Regulatory Prosecutions Gives Key Tips to Properly Handle Being Prosecuted for OHS Violations
  •  Safety Technology: New Invention Warns Equipment Operators and Workers of One Another’s Presence
  •  And Much More!

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Canada experienced 977 workplace fatalities in 2012 (the latest year for which statistics are available), up from 919 in the prior year.  Workplace fatalities can affect any workplace—including yours—across Canada, across every age group.

The best defense against tragedy is in your hands: prevention is best accomplished through effective education and training, beginning with a commitment at the top and implemented at the level of the front-line supervisor.


Lost time injuries and diseases are widespread in Canada.  In 2012, they totaled an astounding 245,365.  Injuries and diseases occur across all occupations.  While certain industries experience much higher average injury rates (manufacturing, transportation and related industries), tens of thousands of injuries a year plague clerical and other office workers. Workplace injuries can almost always be prevented with an effective safety training program.

Your Career

Developing and maintaining an effective safety program requires significant time, effort and vigilance.  Training and education takes significant planning and coordination on your part:  you need to ensure that your efforts are current and up-to-date, and take into account constantly changing legislation (at both the federal and provincial levels) and best practices.  While there is often much free information available on the internet, as a professional you need to constantly evaluate the credibility of your sources:  one wrong move can spell disaster for your co-workers, company and your career.

You also need to develop programming that is engaging and effective, and you never get a break:  once you have a winning formula, it gets stale quickly.  Even the best programs need constant reinvention and innovation.

Plus, you are constantly asked to do more with less.  While that may be acceptable for other departments, you know that safety requires critical resources and effort.

Your implementation of a cost-effective safety program that engages employees and demonstrates a commitment on behalf of your company will speak loudly about your ability to get things done in a no-nonsense, effective manner.

The bottom line– While the human toll is paramount, workplace injuries also have a significant impact on your company’s ability to deliver results.  In 2012, each workplace injury cost Canadian companies and average of more than $30,000, according to government figures.  Fatalities, of course, have even greater implications for your company, with potential fines or even criminal charges possible.

Many safety training and education programs require modest investments, making an effective workplace safety program at your company not just the right thing to do, but also a smart investment.

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