How-To Guidance

Get expert guidance every Monday on building a frontline safety culture - in plain English. No pie in the sky thinking or safety for the elite - get real-world and practical solutions you can easily implement.

Fatality Files

Reinforce the value of your safety training and workplace safety risks with instructor-led fatality files that resonate and engage employees. Real stories that stick!

Safety Talks

Engaging your employees during safety meetings is a challenge. SafeSupervisor makes it simple to deliver engaging safety meetings quickly.

Monthly Digest

Keep safety and safety compliance top-of-mind through the monthly SafeSupervisor print digest. Safety thinking should be inescapable and delivered to your door every month.

Why SafeSupervisor?

Since 1929 it has been keeping managers and supervisor up-to-date with safety management and training information.


SafeSupervisor is the oldest publication and online safety resource in the world. For nearly 90 years, SafeSupervisor has been helping frontline managers and supervisors charged with ensuring their workplaces are safe and healthy, by building management skills, communications and solutions to specific safety problems, personal health and security, and more!


Each month, SafeSupervisor keeps you up-to-date with compliance and regulatory news items and more! Knowing what is happening in the world of workplace safety not only keeps managers informed, but also gives them the understanding and solutions needed to reinforce a safety culture. Avoiding others mistakes and mis-steps is a necessary step in not only remaining compliant, but building a leading edge safety culture.


SafeSupervisors enables frontline managers and small business owners to save precious time and resources by offering 48 compliant safety talks - 4 new talks each month - on a variety of safety topics. It delivers everything you need to engage employees in your weekly or semi-weekly safety meeting. Simply download, print, and read it aloud. Don't waste time searching for a relevant talk after a near miss or even for a seasonal safety issue - SafeSupervisor has what you need and it's only a click away.



Nobody likes boring safety meetings. The proven tools in SafeSupervisor make it simple to consistently make every safety meeting more engaging. No wonder that our users find their training is 60% more consistent and 52% more effective while their organizations' incidents and accidents are reduced by over 57%!

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