Falls Inspection Checklist

Ladder Safety Checklist

  HOW TO USE THE TOOL Use this ladder safety checklist to ensure that the ladders in your workplace are in good operating condition and that your workers are setti

Safe Supervisor Newsletter May 2018

  What’s your Deep Fryer Test? McDonalds® Deep Fryer Training Earlier in my safety career, I came across a Safety Officer who provided me with an excellent heurist

Traffic Control During Roadwork

What’s at Stake? Traffic control during roadwork is necessary to keep workers and road users safe when the usual traffic pattern is changed or restricted. Traffic control


Carpenter Dies After Falling from Extension Ladder

  A 49-year-old male carpenter (victim) employed by a residential contractor was fatally injured after falling from an extension ladder. The victim and a co-worker we


Using Ladders Safely

What’s at Stake? Many types of ladders are available, and each is designed to do a certain kind of work. There are stepladders made for industrial, commercial, and househo


Spot the Safety Violation: Prepare for Impact

Choosing and using the right ladder for the job is the basis for all other ladder safety concepts. If you don’t start out with the right ladder you are setting yourself and


Crane Collapse in Florida Sends Workers Running for Their Lives: Near Miss Could Have Had Catastrophic Consequences

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- A collapsing crane sent construction workers running for their lives in a Florida city on Thursday, nearly striking a man as it toppled over. The St


Crane Safety

What’s at Stake? A crane is one of the most versatile and important pieces of equipment found on a construction job. It can be used to accomplish a lot of otherwise heavy

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