give your frontline mangers what they need to build and reinforce a safety culture


Great & Compliant Content At Your Finger Tips 24-7

Get tips, ideas and techniques to improve safety and to promote a safety culture in your workplace. What's more, you'll also get safety news that will keep you up-to-date on safety issues and events occuring around the world.



The Right Safety Resource For The Right Job

Access pick 6 statistics from the safety world that help reinforce the importance of safety thinking and the risks associated with not making it a working priority. Need a stronger reinforcer? Fatality files illustrate the real consequences of workplace safety hazartds. These high-impact, real-life stories drive home a safety message that your workers will never forget!



Great Safety Cultures Are Built On Location

SafeSupervisor’s resources are in the cloud and accessible on any device, in any location (just pull over the truck to download the talk). Many clients use SafeSupervisor for “tailgate” talks and quizzes and see significant improvements in their accident & incident rates, which translates directly into lower insurance premiums and reductions in lost/downtime.

“Safety Meetings are far more effective if they are consistent, but don’t be a slave to the schedule – if you have a significant near miss or accident, don’t wait, schedule a safety talk right away.”



Great Safety Leaders Are Built, Not Born

SafeSupervisor also contains tools for relating safety messages to your workers, such as checklists, posters and more. But SafeSupervisor also has tools to make frontline managers better safety trainers, like quizzes to test your knowledge of safety issues and build a better trainer guidance and tips from certified experts. Learn how to deal with the day-to-day stress of safety situations, hazards and near misses.


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